Cirque du Soleil La Nouba

If you have a chance to see this show or any Cirque du Soleil shows I Highly recommend going to see one, they are absolutely spectacular! My only dislike is I don’t have any pictures to post as it’s not allowed for the safety of the performers. I have been wanting to see this show since we moved down here and got our Disney  tickets last year. It’s a bit pricey though so when I got a bonus at work last week I knew I was spending a good chunk on tickets for Tom and I to go. Totally worth every penny! We sat on the left 5 rows from the front :). There were clowns; great singers, trapeze and high wire artists, trampoline artists, stunt bikes, Chinese  yoyo’s, aerial ballet, juggling, clowns, dancing and lots of cool effects. At first it was a bit overwhelming as there was constantly 4-5 things going on at once but you got used to the flow and it was spectacular. I found myself gasping at multiple points and just being amazed at the feats these performers were doing. It was a great gift just in time for our 2 year anniversary this Tuesday May 14th!

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1 year theme

Well it’s April 1st which mean I haven’t posted in a while but also that it is our 1 year of being in Florida! It went by SO fast. The 11th will be our year of having our 1st place together which we just renewed for another year. I’m still off and on adding to our apartment decor and I am finally getting to a place where I am ok with it all. Another 1  year  thing to be excited about is my kitty Reagan will turn 1 on the 4th of this month. Its a year of firsts  for us, first place, first year in a new place and first time having a pet of our own, I love every moment of all of them and can’t wait to see what happens in the future!

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Weather.. a matter of perspective.

I made it through my first summer in Florida which everyone says is the worst as you adjust to the heat. Now the weather is cooling down and I’m noticing my preschoolers wearing long sleeves and jackets on the playground, even the other teachers are complaining about being cold. Me? I am still rocking the short sleeve tee. It was 69 today, felt wonderful to me. Everyone is asking me if I am cold, its rather amusing. I googled weather in Gaylord and it’s in the 30’s. Gotta tell the students that, they won’t even be able to comprehend. Gotta love it here.

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1st hosted get together at my place

So we finally got our apartment looking nice and have been wanting to get people over for a while. Our bible study has been trying to get together more often, last time we had a get together at Hannah Granger’s house so this month we stepped up and had it here. I decided to do a taco bar and let people make their own, it turned out quite well. I love any excuse to use my pretty glass serving dishes so it worked. I had been wanting a punch bowl for a while now and decided to hit up goodwill to see on the off chance they would have one. They did! I snagged the deal at @ $2.99 for a glass bowl w/ 8 cups. It’s beautiful. We had 12 people over including the babies we all ate, talked watched snow white thanks to Emme and ten the boys played the wii. I would call that a success. Went off with out a hitch, couldn’t have been more happy with the outcome. Can’t wait to do it again, thinking maybe Christmas.

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November thankful for challenge

I have been seeing Facebook posts on daily things we are thankful for this month and instead of blowing up Facebook I am going to be making a single post.
Nov. 1st: learned some new stuff at a vpk seminar
Nov. 2nd: Won a giveaway … yay new clothes-shabby apple giveaway.
Nov. 3rd: I had my first get together with some great friends and it went super.

Nov. 4th: An extra hour of sleep 🙂 Dinner with the hubby @ Panda Express and a little after Halloween Target shopping 🙂

Nov.5th: Dairy Queen with good friends. lots of laughs and great conversations.

Nov. 6th: Election night party with the Harrell’s and having my vote count 🙂

Nov. 7th: Taco Bell  makes everything better, that and Quest for Camelot.

Nov. 8th:  Teaching VPK myself today

Nov. 9th: That it is Friday and getting dessert at Dairy Queen with the hubby.

Nov. 10th: Garage sales and all the good finds, pizza hut with the hubby, sparkling grape juice that fell on my foot only bruised not broke my big toe 😛 and the juice is fine.

Nov. 11th: Chili’s with my Sunday school class-always a fun time with great conversations.

Nov. 12th:  tried a new recipe and love it (chicken n dumplings ) and wonderful conversations after bible-study.

Nov 13th: hanging out with Hannah Granger and baby Kaelyn,  also won another giveway 🙂

Nov: 14th  watching tangled and getting xmas decorations out.

Nov.15th: Reminder for the meeting I forgot about, really just key reminders in ways I don’t always think about.

Nov. 16th: Epcot with the Harrells

Nov. 17th: Shopping with Hannah and Abby at the Premium Outlet mall

Nov. 18th: Dairy Queen with friends

Nov. 19th: Overall pretty good day at work, the smoothest day I’ve had all year. Bible study with great convos

Nov. 20th: A wonderful set of friends who opened their heart and homes to us from day one. then having fun conversing and ending the night bowling.

Nov. 21st So thankful for the year pass of Disney tickets where we can enjoy the best place on earth with breathtaking fireworks every weekend.

Nov. 22 Being invited to my great aunts and having a wonderful Thanksgiving with my grandparents on my dad’s side whom I don’t get to see often.

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I voted :)

I voted for the first time, yay! I was going to last election; but things got screwy w/ being in college and where I was registered in my home town, so this is my first time. I am happy with my decision and being able to make my voice heard. It feels so grown up 😛 We celebrated after by going out to IHOP. Yummy!

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So everyone that has seen Tom’s car has known that it would only be a matter of time before we had to replace it.  A few weeks ago we went to get an alignment and the guy told us he wouldn’t even bother that we need to start looking for a new car. We tried to see what we could get around here and decided that we need a place with financing. We found Kissleback Ford in St. Cloud and went there. I had no idea getting a car would be a 5 hour ordeal. We viewed 3 different cars and had to go back and forth. The good news is we could get financed. The bad news was it was better if we got a new car. By new I mean 2012 like less then 20 miles. I have never seen a car less then 100,000 so this in itself was a huge shock. So we worked it out and are now the proud owners of a 2012 Grey Ford Focus. I absolutely love it and Tom was gracious enough to give it to me 🙂

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