November thankful for challenge

I have been seeing Facebook posts on daily things we are thankful for this month and instead of blowing up Facebook I am going to be making a single post.
Nov. 1st: learned some new stuff at a vpk seminar
Nov. 2nd: Won a giveaway … yay new clothes-shabby apple giveaway.
Nov. 3rd: I had my first get together with some great friends and it went super.

Nov. 4th: An extra hour of sleep 🙂 Dinner with the hubby @ Panda Express and a little after Halloween Target shopping 🙂

Nov.5th: Dairy Queen with good friends. lots of laughs and great conversations.

Nov. 6th: Election night party with the Harrell’s and having my vote count 🙂

Nov. 7th: Taco Bell  makes everything better, that and Quest for Camelot.

Nov. 8th:  Teaching VPK myself today

Nov. 9th: That it is Friday and getting dessert at Dairy Queen with the hubby.

Nov. 10th: Garage sales and all the good finds, pizza hut with the hubby, sparkling grape juice that fell on my foot only bruised not broke my big toe 😛 and the juice is fine.

Nov. 11th: Chili’s with my Sunday school class-always a fun time with great conversations.

Nov. 12th:  tried a new recipe and love it (chicken n dumplings ) and wonderful conversations after bible-study.

Nov 13th: hanging out with Hannah Granger and baby Kaelyn,  also won another giveway 🙂

Nov: 14th  watching tangled and getting xmas decorations out.

Nov.15th: Reminder for the meeting I forgot about, really just key reminders in ways I don’t always think about.

Nov. 16th: Epcot with the Harrells

Nov. 17th: Shopping with Hannah and Abby at the Premium Outlet mall

Nov. 18th: Dairy Queen with friends

Nov. 19th: Overall pretty good day at work, the smoothest day I’ve had all year. Bible study with great convos

Nov. 20th: A wonderful set of friends who opened their heart and homes to us from day one. then having fun conversing and ending the night bowling.

Nov. 21st So thankful for the year pass of Disney tickets where we can enjoy the best place on earth with breathtaking fireworks every weekend.

Nov. 22 Being invited to my great aunts and having a wonderful Thanksgiving with my grandparents on my dad’s side whom I don’t get to see often.


About icoulduseawishrightnow

Started a blog ... didn't do much until I moved from Michigan to Florida. Now it's a great way to keep in touch w/ people back home.
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One Response to November thankful for challenge

  1. Jelina Hesselink says:

    Very nice! You should do this for every month!! I’m excited to do this with mom’s gift for us 🙂

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