Headed back to MI

So my cousin Ginny is getting married June 30th (so excited!!! She’s gonna be a beautiful bride) So I took a week of of work so we could spend some time seeing family all over the state because not sure when we will get up here again. So we left Friday June 22 around noonish and then continued to drive until 3am Sat morning. Tom orignally thought he could drive 19 hours in one sitting pulling an all nighter. Turns out he burned out at 3. We pulled over in a rest stop and slept till 7am then drove to Wyndotte getting to his aunts around noon. I was originally super nervous about having to take Reagan with us but she did absolutely wonderful. We got her a big dog mesh cage so she had room for her food and litter box with room to spare so I think that helped. So Saturday afternoon aunt Malinda and I went garage saling and I got the cutest mirrors to put up in the apt after I spray paint the ends and some cooking things and cute shirts 🙂 plus a red wing poster that just needs a frame for the man cave 🙂 A great start to our trip for sure. Today we ate lunch with his papa and cousins. Then drove over to his grandma for a family taco night. It was good to see his sisters and uncle again. Then we got a hold of toms friend Dan and had ice cream with him and his wife. Note to self and others never have to go to the bathroom in Detroit there isn’t one available after 8pm. Not in gas stations, Burger King closed before 10, heck even Pizza Hut had bars on their windows and no bathroom. Ugh uncomfortable and awkward!


About icoulduseawishrightnow

Started a blog ... didn't do much until I moved from Michigan to Florida. Now it's a great way to keep in touch w/ people back home.
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