anecdotes about my furry baby

so funny stories about my funny baby:

1. I kept seeing clothes on the ground I was about to get mad at Tom for not keeping his clothes in the sweater rack until I saw Reagan in the top cubby of the sweater rack just sleeping. She’d knock the clothes out as she was getting down. I tried to get her down but she ran on the clothes hangers to get away from me.

-did you read that? My cat was so little that she could run on the hangers without making them fall or herself, pretty impressive if you ask me. This was cute now but as she is growing I’m afraid she’s gonna knock the rack down and it would have happened if I hadn’t started closing the closet.

2. I was sitting on the computer (my new one as it was charging) and Reagan went to her hind legs to jump on my table. ( I am upset that she has already broken something so I don’t want her jumping on tables) Obviously I told her “no get down” my sarcastic little Reagan didn’t jump off the table like I wanted no she dropped down and waited till she thought I wasn’t looking. I look again and she is trying to jump on the table. Again I tell her no and then she drops down. It was so funny doing what I asked not what I wanted.

3. She loves chewing on Tom’s shoes its so amusing how she’ll race around them and do this side crawl thing.  Along with this her playing she does these weird twists and turns, hops and has some of the funniest noises.


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Started a blog ... didn't do much until I moved from Michigan to Florida. Now it's a great way to keep in touch w/ people back home.
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One Response to anecdotes about my furry baby

  1. Jelina Hesselink says:

    you should try and get some video of her doing some stuff..can your camera do that? Or even just get her on your computer camera 🙂

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