The rest of the MI trip

S0 the rest of the trip went by crazy fast we headed to Roscommon, and to Gaylord. It was good to see both of our family’s. I got to go with my mom to a luncheon and then to surprise my amazing friend Renee. Tom went and spent the day with a good friend. I got to spend time at Renee’s and it’s always a good time. Friday we went to Ithaca to see my sisters house and crash for the night before we got to Grand Rapids. The wedding was Saturday and was simple but elegant like the bride herself. I wish her the best of luck, still haven’t met her now husband though.. weird! Then a non-stop 19 hour drive home concluded the day. A hectic trip but so fun and totally worth it!

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Headed back to MI

So my cousin Ginny is getting married June 30th (so excited!!! She’s gonna be a beautiful bride) So I took a week of of work so we could spend some time seeing family all over the state because not sure when we will get up here again. So we left Friday June 22 around noonish and then continued to drive until 3am Sat morning. Tom orignally thought he could drive 19 hours in one sitting pulling an all nighter. Turns out he burned out at 3. We pulled over in a rest stop and slept till 7am then drove to Wyndotte getting to his aunts around noon. I was originally super nervous about having to take Reagan with us but she did absolutely wonderful. We got her a big dog mesh cage so she had room for her food and litter box with room to spare so I think that helped. So Saturday afternoon aunt Malinda and I went garage saling and I got the cutest mirrors to put up in the apt after I spray paint the ends and some cooking things and cute shirts 🙂 plus a red wing poster that just needs a frame for the man cave 🙂 A great start to our trip for sure. Today we ate lunch with his papa and cousins. Then drove over to his grandma for a family taco night. It was good to see his sisters and uncle again. Then we got a hold of toms friend Dan and had ice cream with him and his wife. Note to self and others never have to go to the bathroom in Detroit there isn’t one available after 8pm. Not in gas stations, Burger King closed before 10, heck even Pizza Hut had bars on their windows and no bathroom. Ugh uncomfortable and awkward!

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Pinterest challenge

I LOVE pinterest!! I have pinned so many great things but have gotten to wondering how many people use any of the pins they put up in their daily life. I hope its not just a dream life thing. I have used several different things throughout my pins and have been so happy with the results. Going along with this I decided to go through my food pins and make dinner this week only out of my pins. I wrote down the recipes of the ones I wanted to try and then deleted the pins so I know I have it together. I then wrote down a weekly menu list and then the list of any ingrediants I need to purchase to make this work.  I made Mexican Doritos Casserole today and it is INCREDIBLE!!! So easy too which is nice.

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anecdotes about my furry baby

so funny stories about my funny baby:

1. I kept seeing clothes on the ground I was about to get mad at Tom for not keeping his clothes in the sweater rack until I saw Reagan in the top cubby of the sweater rack just sleeping. She’d knock the clothes out as she was getting down. I tried to get her down but she ran on the clothes hangers to get away from me.

-did you read that? My cat was so little that she could run on the hangers without making them fall or herself, pretty impressive if you ask me. This was cute now but as she is growing I’m afraid she’s gonna knock the rack down and it would have happened if I hadn’t started closing the closet.

2. I was sitting on the computer (my new one as it was charging) and Reagan went to her hind legs to jump on my table. ( I am upset that she has already broken something so I don’t want her jumping on tables) Obviously I told her “no get down” my sarcastic little Reagan didn’t jump off the table like I wanted no she dropped down and waited till she thought I wasn’t looking. I look again and she is trying to jump on the table. Again I tell her no and then she drops down. It was so funny doing what I asked not what I wanted.

3. She loves chewing on Tom’s shoes its so amusing how she’ll race around them and do this side crawl thing.  Along with this her playing she does these weird twists and turns, hops and has some of the funniest noises.

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She’s meant to be family

So now you know how I got to add Reagan to our family now a bit more about my pretty kitty. She truly is meant to be in this family because like mommy she is obsessed with anything shiny, clothes, is sarcastic and has a short attention span. She is so funny and we can’t imagine our lives without her now. It was a little while before I took her to the vet so in the mean time we had to come up with a name that was gender neutral because we didn’t even know if she was a girl or boy. We ended picking out the name REAGAN.  I love the name and Tom said he would rather have that name for a cat then our future baby lol. The vet was so helpful giving her a birthday April 2nd, saying she will be a medium hair cat which so far hasn’t really shed which is nice. Oh and she was officially found to be a she yay girl kitty!!  However my poor baby had worms, considering she was outside for some time I guess its not so bad. But it’s my baby! 10 days of medication made her all better and then she got her  first shots. 😦 if this is a sign for future I won’t handle it well. Don’t like hearing my baby cry out. :/ But theres a few more shots she just has to have so I’m gonna learn to tough it out! I’ll write more later for all the funny Reagan stories. I have a feeling she will give me plenty to write about. My lovely little Reagan.

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welcome my addition Reagan

I have a Kitty!!!! I have wanted a  kitty for the longest time, but always been hesitant due to some  bad past experiences. Tom has always fancied kitties as well so when an opportunity to get a kitty came around it didn’t take much convincing. It’s funny how prayers are answered sometimes in times that we wouldn’t have ever have thought. My boss found a stray kitten and decided she couldn’t keep it so she brought it to work. A couple of prospects turned out not to work and as fate would have it the kitty became mine. It was love at first sight truly I couldn’t not get her after seeing her. So I agreed to take her home, I would tell tom later 😛 I told him  I was in love and bringing home a kitty. I was a little hesitant that she might have been feral being found outside and not knowing the history of  her parents but I was pleasantly surprised. I got to hold her and she instantly ran to my shoulder and began to purr. She is the most loving kitty and quickly became uber attached to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better kitty especially considering the circumstances. I am her mommy and she really loves me yay 🙂 Being so young it is going to be exciting to watch her grow up and to celebrate her success however small. Its been quite a journey already and I’ve learned so much. When we first got her we had to feed her formula through a syringe and stimulate her to go potty. Now she is going potty like a big girl and even drinking and eating solid food by herself. Were now finished weaning her but she still goes to the fridge meowing for the formula.Shes so smart:P She greets me everyday by the door waiting for me to pick her up then  upon climbing to my shoulder she purrs loudly and contentedly and there is nothing better.

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So I am so blessed that everyday when I wake up and go outside it’s hot and sunny; I have claiming I would move some where warm ever since I can remember and now I can say I did it! Well we did it but I’ve never been happier!! It’s been 80’s plus every day. Only a little rain but when it does it is a crazy pour but love that too. Rain means lightening, which down here I can also see heat lightening yay 🙂 I am outside everyday for about an hour because of work and you wouldn’t believe it but I have a tan, ME!! A tan 🙂

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