Last semester at CMU

Its crazy to think about but in a few days I will be starting my last semester here at CMU. My college journey is almost over and I’m so excited! I have one class with my fiance Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and then my internship at Mid-MI Community Action Agency. I have a meeting with my internship coordinator on Tuesday 01/11/11 to go through all my paperwork and then set up  a schedule and figure what I will be doing this semester. On top of a already full semester I am also a nanny on Monday and Wednesdays and Friday and Saturday nights I am the overnight cashier at a local grocery store called Ric’s. This year has already been so crazy, but I made it through one semester so I think I can handle this last semester.  The best thing about this semester? The end! In four months when its over I AM GETTING MARRIED! May 14th 2011 I am marrying my best friend Tom. I am beyond excited and hope to start putting up some wedding stuff eventually.


About icoulduseawishrightnow

Started a blog ... didn't do much until I moved from Michigan to Florida. Now it's a great way to keep in touch w/ people back home.
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