learning to be appreciative

I feel like many times in life we get so caught up with what the Joneses are doing that we get brought down and can’t help but feel jealous about all the cool things others are doing. Soon we begin to feel sorry for ourselves, about how we never get to do anything cool. I began to feel like this recently and I’m going to attribute part of this to facebook. Yes it’s great to be in a social network where you can keep up with your friends. As a college student I check facebook several times a day. However, I have been noticing facebook status’s lately about so many cool things and though I am excited that my friends are able to do cool things I found myself throwing a pity party the other night. I lay in bed complaining to my fiancé that I never get to do anything and unable to sleep I continued to complain. Then I had a epiphany  and realized I have done so many cool things, maybe not recently enough for me but then I began to think about it and made a list. Suddenly I felt so much better, I think we all need to make a list. It would be good to look at when we feel like we don’t measure up to the people around us. My list included; going to the St. Louis Arch,  going to the Four Corners the point that  consists of southwest Colorado, northwest New Mexico,  northeast Arizona and southeast Utah (so in essence I can brag that I’ve been in 4 places at once.) seeing ground zero, seeing a Broadway play in New York, the Niagara Falls,  climbing the Empire State Building,  and touring extensively 45 of the 50 United States. When I look at this list I realize that others could be jealous of all the stuff I’ve been fortunate to do especially because all of this was done before I was 16.  That’s not my point I intended to make myself realize that I have been very lucky thus far and that I need to be appreciative.


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Started a blog ... didn't do much until I moved from Michigan to Florida. Now it's a great way to keep in touch w/ people back home.
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